Photo: Luis Blau

Type of work: Teaching

Equipment used: CNC Router


Teachers: General Coordinator, Federico Lagomarsino; Academic Coordinator, Fernando García, Teachers and Collaborators, Alejandro Schieda, Santiago Miret, Rodrigo Martin, Alfredo Guierra, Fernando Foglino, Marcelo Payssé, Paulo Pereyra, Luis FLores, Gabriela Muniz.

The Adaptation Workshop consists in exploring the urban space and working on the intersections between architecture, urbanism and contemporary art through interventions, using digitally fabricated tools and new technologies.

The result is the construction of urban objects at a 1:1 scale.

Fab Lab MVD participated as part of the teaching team in the 2015 edition of this Workshop and in the construction -through the use of a CNC router- of an urban object for the vacuum resulting of the collapsed dome of a building of the early twentieth century designed by the German architect Karl Trambauer.

The structure was built in MDF plates and then coated with enamel for exteriors. The constructive solution used consists of the assembly of ringed ribs.












Photo: Luis Blau