Photo: Gabriela Barber

Type of Work: Research and Extension

Equipment used: 3D printer, CNC Router

Urban scale model of the Anglo Heritage Site, Fray Bentos, Uruguay. Developed within the Research Project «The smart city; a digital palimpsest».

Team: Marcelo Payssé; Paulo Pereyra; Juan Pablo Portillo; Fernando García; Gabriela Barber; Raúl Buzó, Luis Flores; Ximena Echavarría; Lucia Meirelles; Marcos Lafluf; Ana López; Institute of History of Architecture, FADU: William Rey; Andrés Mazzini; Leonardo Gómez; Pablo Canén

Patrimonio ANGLO (or ANGLO Heritage Site) is part of the project «The smart city; a digital palimpsest », carried out by DepInfo from the School of Architecture, Design and Urbanism of Udelar, and funded by the Sectoral Commission for Scientific Research (CSIC) through the calling for Research Groups in 2014. In 2015, vidiaLab carried out various tasks ranging from drone surveying, 360 panoramas and digital modeling. In 2016 Fab Lab MVD made the digital manufacturing of a model at an urban scale, for the subsequent intervention of interactive videomapping in it.

The project constitutes a process of adoption of new socio-technological paradigms of interaction and knowledge valorisation, capable of reinterpreting and rewriting the material and immaterial footprints of the territory where the memory of our history is stored as a human collective.