Photo: Fernando Foglino

Type of Work: Extension

Equipment used: Laser Cutting Machine, 3D Printer

Scaled replicas of the sculpture of General José Artigas, as part of the research carried out by the artist Fernando Foglino.

Author: Original by Juan Luis Blanes, Uruguayan (1855-1895). Extension made by Pedro Costa, Italian.
Opening date: 1978
Location: AFE building facade, La Paz & Paraguay intersection., Montevideo, Uruguay

The project “Herencia” displays the results of documentation and research work carried out by visual artist Fernando Foglino.

In the exhibition Herencia Blanes, held at the Contemporary Art Space (EAC) in its 16th season, a series of replicas of the sculpture of General José Artigas made with digital fabrication are presented at different scales. The artist’s work also includes the 3D model – made from 3D scanning – available for download on his website.

Fab Lab MVD participated in the materialization – through the use of laser cutting and 3D printing – of the replicas. “3D printing and additive fabrication are used to present the first copies and versions of what can now effectively become countless repetitions.” 1

1 (Sicca, 2014)