Photo: Ángel Armagno

Type of Work: Research

Equipment used: 3D Printer, Laser Cutting Machine

Chess model with pieces inspired by the skyline of Montevideo.

Chess MVD was a project by Dep Info of FADU, carried out by vidiaLab and Fab Lab MVD.

It’s a chess model whose pieces are inspired by the skyline of Montevideo; the project had the support of teachers in the Institute of History for the election of architectural works to be used, and the completion of their technical specifications.

VidiaLab and Fab Lab MVD carried out modeling and digital fabrication tasks for the production of the pieces and chessboard. In addition, several related activities were carried out, which were developed by creating a game of chess between people from the public as a trigger for the proposal.

Later on, the result of this project was the institutional gift granted to colleagues by the teaching team of the architecture travel group in 2018.











Activity at FADU, Montevideo, Uruguay / Photo: SMA, FADU, Udelar