Photo: Fernando García Amen

Type of Work: Teaching

Equipment used: Laser Cutting Machine, CNC Router

Workshop MAKING PAVILIONS: Experimental Architecture, Developable Surfaces and CNC Cutting

Teachers: Academic coordinator – Marcelo Payssé. FADU, Udelar; Workshop teacher – Andrés Martín Pastor, University of Seville; Production Management – Paulo Pereyra, LabFab, FADU, Udelar.

Dieste Pavilion is the final result of Workshop Making Pavilions carried out by vidiaLab and Fab Lab MVD, DepInfo, FADU, Udelar in collaboration with the Graphic Engineering Department of School of Building Engineering in Seville, ETSIE, Vice-rectorate of Students, Sevilla University.

On the Workshop, a number of fundamentals of geometry were taken up in order to reinterpret architecture. The geometrical control of developable surfaces was explored, taking  the forms of Eladio Dieste as inspiration, through the design and construction of a pavilion at a 1: 1 scale.

The final product, which adopts the name Dieste Pavilion is, at once, both a didactic exercise in the framework of future Diploma of Digital Fabrication and Parametric Design, and a tribute to architect Eladio Dieste on his 100th anniversary.