Photo: Luis Flores

Type of Work: Teaching

Equipment used: CNC Router

Optional class for degree courses; Architecture, Degree in Visual Communication Design, and Degree in Industrial Design from FADU, Udelar.

Teachers: Professor, Marcelo Paysse; Assistant Professor, Juan Pablo Portillo; Assistant Professor, Paulo Pereyra; Assistant Professor, Luis Flores; Assistant Professor, Raúl Buzó; Honorary Collaborators, Lucía Meirelles, Angel Armagno, María Alejandra Serra.

The class “Design with Digital Fabrication” dictated by Fab Lab MVD in the School of Architecture Design and Urban Planning, Udelar, proposed to research and develop practices, strategies and design procedures linked to analog-digital media, in order to integrate them into the design processes. both at an academic and at a professional level, as well as to contribute to a qualitative change in relation to the formal, technological and constructive results of said process.

The main problem faced by the teaching team of said class was to integrate the old and new media (prefiguration, modeling, fabrication) into the design process, not only as the powerful resources they clearly are, but as new paradigms for the appropriation of strategies that suppose a qualitative change in the ways of projecting.










Photo: Luis Flores