Photo: Marcelo Payssé

Type of Work: Research

Equipment used: Laser Cutting Machine, 3D Printer

Scale model of The Walking City  structured around the exhibition «Homo Faber – Digital Fabrication in Latin America» conducted in San Pablo, Brazil.

Curatorial team: David M. Sperling, Pablo C. Herrera.

The exhibition «Homo Faber – Digital Fabrication in Latin America» brought together latin american digital fabrication labs for architecture. As a demonstration of an effervescent, albeit recent scenario of digital fabrication in the region, the exhibition presented productions from 25 university laboratories, research groups, architecture studies and independent researchers.

In this context, Fab Lab MVD participated in the exhibition held at the Escola da Cidade in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

The chosen work takes up part of the work done for the exhibition “FAB / 01 – Uthopia: The Unbuilt”, deepening the study on The Walking City through 3D modeling, and its subsequent materialization in 3D printing.