Photo: Nico Saieh

Type of Work: Research

Equipment used: CNC Router

Scale models presented at the exhibition «La Aldea Feliz. Episodes of modernization in Uruguay». Uruguayan submission to the 14th International Architecture Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia.

Curatorial team: Emilio Nisivoccia, Martín Craciun, Jorge Gambini, Santiago Medero, Mary Méndez, Jorge Nudelman, Lucio de Souza.

“La Aldea Feliz” was the winning proposal selected to be the Uruguayan submission for the 14th International Architecture Exhibition.

The curatorial team requested for Fab Lab MVD to collaborate in making ten models of unique buildings in Uruguay, at different scales, by using CNC cutting router in MDF. The lab was in charge of producing the graphics and assembling the models, whether in parts or in their entirety.

The results obtained were presented in the research article “La Aldea Feliz. Episodes of modernization in Uruguay» (Payssé & Méndez, 2014).





Photo: Luis Flores