Photo: Magdalena Benítez, SMA, Fadu

Type of Work: Research and Extension

Equipment used: Laser Cutting Machine

Scale models of a selection of works by Arq. Mario Payssé Reyes framed in the exhibition «MARIO PAYSSÉ, the Art of Building» carried out by IHA, FADU, in the Blanes Museum, Montevideo, Uruguay.

Curatorial team: Emilio Nisivoccia, Martín Craciun, Mary Méndez, Martín Cajade, María Noel Viana, Santiago Medero.
Models, exhibitors, and merchandising: vidiaLab, Fab Lab MVD

The exhibition, carried out by the Institute of History of Architecture with the participation of vidiaLab and Fab Lab MVD -among others- proposes a tour of works donated to the Institute of History of Architecture, along with others preserved by the architect’s family. It is not arranged by any system of hierarchies and dates, but is instead an invitation to get lost within the living fabric of the architect’s thought.

VidiaLab and Fab Lab MVD participated in the realization of the digital modeling and the materialization -through digital fabrication- of the models exposed there, in addition to the realization of exhibitors, and merchandising.








Photo: Magdalena Benítez, SMA, Fadu