Photo: Fernando García Amen

Type of Work: Research

Equipment used: CNC Router

Mobius strip prototype without scale, within the context of the research presented in the article “Fabricating worlds. Reality, simulacrum and immanence ».

García Amen, F., Payssé Álvarez, M., Pereyra Bonifacio, P., & Meirelles Vitale, L. (2012). Fabricating worlds Reality, simulacrum and immanence. Proceedings of the 16th Iberoamerican Congress of Digital Graphics (pages 645-648). Fortaleza, Brazil: SIGraDi.

The research on the Moebius Strip made by Fab Lab MVD is about digital fabrication focusing on two aspects: artistic and technological, as a new way to design, re-create and re-invent reality.

Through the documentation and the methodological approach to the Moebius Strip, the nature and specifications of digital fabrications are analyzed. The properties of a series of possible geometric configurations of strips were studied, establishing a correlation with their digital fabrication, with the aim of reflecting on the complex logics of creation and simulation of reality, as well as contributing to the theoretical exploration of the role of architects and designers, in this incipient and ongoing discipline.