Photo: Gabriela Barber

Type of Work: Research and Extension

Equipment used: 3D printer, CNC Router

Scale model 1/750 of the Ciudad Vieja neighborhood of Montevideo, Uruguay, within the context of a research project resulting from the agreement between the School of Architecture (FADU) and the Municipality of Montevideo.

Team: Dir. Marcelo Payssé; Assistant Deputy Paulo Pereyra; Assistant Prof. Juan Pablo Portillo; Assistant Prof. Luis Flores; Assistant Prof. Ximena Echavarría; Assistant Prof. Lucia Meirelles; IM Interns: Eduardo Mingroni; Lucía Rodríguez; Tatiana Tambasco

In the year 2000, UDELAR and the Municipality of Montevideo celebrated an agreement with the purpose of joining forces and cooperative relations in areas of common interest, with the general objective of mutual collaboration for the better development of their respective purposes and activities. With this purpose, vidiaLab and Fab Lab MVD carried out various tasks ranging from: drone surveying, 360 panoramas, digital modeling and digital fabrication.

This model, made by Fab Lab MVD, is a 1/750 scale work, two by three meters wide at the base and 30 centimeters high, built in PVC, ABS, OSB and acrylic. It is currently in exhibition in the Cabildo of Montevideo. The model allows visitors to visualize the Old City at once in all its dimension, as well as understanding and admiring the urban qualities that it contains, constituting thus a contribution to the knowledge of the city.












Photo: Gabriela Barber