Photo: Gabriela Barber

Type of work: Research

Equipment used: Laser cutting machine

Scale models of a selection of works by Arch. Mario Payssé Reyes framed in the exhibition “Obsession; MPR + TTG » made by vidiaLab and Fab Lab MVD, FADU, in the School of Architecture, Design and Urbanism, Montevideo, Uruguay.
Curatorial team: vidiaLab, Fab Lab MVD.

Obsession; MPR + TTG is a demonstration about the integration of architecture and plastic arts as shown in the work of Uruguayan architect Mario Payssé Reyes (MPR) -considered one of the most representative exponents in this regard, together with Ernesto Leborgne and Rafael Lorente Escudero- and his link with the Torres García Workshop (TTG). This project analyzes two works of the architect, one of them of domestic scale (Payssé house) and the other of urban scale (BPS building). In these two works, plastic proposals were chosen (2 totems, 2 murals, 2 tapestries), which beyond each of them’s own value, act as articulators of the tensions between axis-top, and warp-weft.

Forcing the dual categories to the maximum, reality and modeling, traditional construction and digital manufacturing are combined, this last in the field of MVD Fab Lab MVD Digital Manufacturing Lab (FADU-Udelar).













Photo: Gabriela Barber