Photo: Lucía Meirelles

Type of Work: Research

Equipment used: CNC Router

1/25 scale model of Payssé Reyes House.

Program: Single-family house and study
Location: Gral. Santander 1725, Montevideo
Author: Arch. Mario Payssé Reyes
Starting date: 1954 Completed: 1956

National Historic Monument since 1989

The research carried out by Fab Lab MVD had as a purpose to represent and reflect on the work of Architect Mario Payssé Reyes. Focusing on the case study House Payssé Reyes, located in the Carrasco neighborhood, Montevideo, Uruguay.

As a first approach to the building, a digital model was created and subsequently manufactured at a 1:25 scale, using digital fabrication tools, more specifically a CNC router.

For the model we chose MDF of 3mm, 6mm and 9mm thickness, due to its similarity to brick.

Later in the year 2017, this project reached continuity through a series of models made by Fab Lab MVD through laser cutting and 3D printing, which were part of the “Masters of National Architecture” Collection.










Photo: Marcelo Payssé