Photo: Marcos Guiponi

Type of work: Teaching

Employed equipment: Laser, CNC Router

Project and Representation Course 1 – Danza Workshop

Professors: Equipo PyR, Victoria Abreu, Patricia Carriquiry, Hugo Dutiné, Nicolás Echevarría, Lia Elizondo, Mariano García, Lucía González, Marcos Guiponi, Florencia Mastropierro, María José Mastropierro, Sebastián Olivera, Claudia Olivera, Marcelo Staricco, Juan Antonio Ruy, Germán Tórtora, Jorge Tuset, Luis Flores, Ariel Blumsntein, Wilson Espinoza, José García, Lucía Meirelles, Laura Pazos, Camilo Rodríguez; Team FabLab MVD, Marcelo Payssé, Paulo Pereyra, Ximena Echavarría, Luis Flores, Lucía Meirelles; Team Sinergia Design, Raúl Leymonie, Pedro Berger.

PENTA is a collaborative project designed, managed and built by the students of the Project and Representation 1 course (PyR1) of Danza Workshop, FADU, Udelar. It is the final product of an exercise of the course, together with the Fab Lab MVD.

The architectural essay consists of tdesigning and constructing a pavilion for multipurpose uses, located at the central hall of Sinergia Design, exploring the possibilities of digital fabrication. This exercise allowed to approach the real-scale construction, experiencing techniques and digital production systems as engines to drive the architectural design. The pavilion is made up of a structure of 18mm and 12mm phenolic compensated wood plates. The assembly is carried out through a system of fitting pieces designed specifically for the structure.











Photo: Marcos Guiponi