Photo: Marcelo Payssé

Type of Work: Research and Extension

Equipment used: CNC Router

1/150 scale model of the “Real de San Carlos” former bullring, within the context of the Plaza Real de San Carlos Project whose results are shown in the article “Plaza Real de San Carlos.».

Payssé, M., Odriozola, M., Assandri, J., & García Amen, F. (2015). Plaza de Toros del Real de San Carlos, towards an integral management. In M. (. Medina, «Landscape> heritage> project> local development» Cultural landscapes in Uruguay (pages 115-122) Montevideo, Uruguay: University Editions.

The Plaza Real de San Carlos Project (PRSC) carried out by Fab Lab MVD together with Architects Miguel Ángel Odriozola and Jorge Assandri, consisted on the survey, modeling and generation of interactive applications for the enhancement of this historic building located in Colonia del Sacramento, Colonia, Uruguay.

From the completion of a 1/150 scale model of the building, in addition to a bigger scale model of a sector that allows to understand its structure, it is expected to raise awareness about certain situations that require urgent action, to promote heritage recovery through different interdisciplinary initiatives in the field of ICT, to implement the value and recovery of the former bullring building Plaza de Toros del Real de San Carlos, as an anthropised landscape and as an element immersed in its own social dynamics.