SMVD 2031









Photo: SMA, FADU, Udelar

Type of Work: Teaching

Equipment used: CNC Router

Models at an urban-territorial scale of the area surrounding the “Cilindro” of Montevideo.

Workshop: Zissis Kotionis (Greece); José María Saez (Ecuador); Marcos Acayaba (Brazil); José Carlos Mariñas (Spain)

The 14th Montevideo Seminar: SMVD 2031 promoted and co-organized by the School of Architecture Design and Urbanism, Udelar, together with the Municipality of Montevideo and several Ministries of the National Government, proposed to think the city of Montevideo from a future presumed fact: the possible realization of the 2030 World Cup in said city. The event had conferences and workshop in which Fab Lab MVD participated by making models and panels for the presentation of different proposals made by them.

The slogan for the projectual exercise carried out in the workshops, proposed the representation of urban pieces that would stage the World Cup event. The focus moved to a discreet set of daily urban portions, which were in turn intervened in a challenging, novel, unpredictable, rigorous way, in order to ready the city as a whole. Small snippets capable of reinventing Montevideo. From 2013, until 2031. For 100 years later.












Photo: SMA, FADU, Udelar