Photo: Gabriela Barber

Type of Work: Extension

Equipment used: Laser Cutting Machine

Replicas in lacquered wood at 1/1 scale of two Soldiers of the Florida Battalion (approximate height: 2.10 m), created in the context of a research and installation by artist Fernando Foglino.


“El Entierro” (“The Burial”) is an installation made by artist Fernando Foglino as his participation for the 3rd Montevideo Biennial.

The intervention consisted on the replicas of two soldiers of the Florida Battalion, the replica of the “mueble de actas” from the Constitution of the Republic of Uruguay, a Monitor of Surveillance and Sculptures in 3D printing representing scenes of the coup d’état (1973) arranged in the model at scale 1:10 from the Legislative Palace.

The Fab Lab MVD participated in the materialization of a part of the installation, specifically in the cuts of the pieces that constitute the sectioning of the replicas of the Soldiers of the Florida Battalion.









Photo: © Luis E. Sosa. Fundación Bienal de Montevideo.