Photo: Gabriela Barber

Equipment used: Laser Cutting Machine

Models of unrealized architectural projects, within the context of the research presented in the book «FAB / 01. Uthopia; The Unbuilt. Digital fabrication of unbuilt architectures».

Team: García Amen, F., Payssé, M., Langwagen, R., Grompone, J., Folga, A., Nudelman, J., Schelotto, S. (2014). FAB / 01. Uthopia; The Unbuilt. Digital fabrication of unbuilt architectures. Montevideo: SIGraDi.

The exhibition «FAB / 01 – Uthopia: the unbuilt», results from a formal interpretation of twelve unbuit architectures.

These examples were represented by digital fabrication, tending an extensive bridge of several centuries, between the formulation of those ideas and their materialized interpretation, linking traditional techniques of representation and cutting-edge technologies. In all cases, these are proposals that have been known through graphics with scant level of detail, some of them simply sketches with few strokes. This implies a good proportion of contribution from the modeler, and not merely a literal translation of detailed pieces for its fabrication.

The chosen works have gone through three stages of development to reach its final state of materialization: modeling, fabrication and assembly.











Photo: Gabriela Barber