Photo: Marcelo Payssé

Type of Work: Extension

Equipment used: CNC Router

1/50 scaled model of Vilamajó House Museum, School of Architecture, Design and Urbanism, Udelar.

Program: Study, Museum, Single-Family House
Location: Domingo Cullen 895, Montevideo
Author: Arch. Julio Vilamajó
Starting date: 1930
National Historical Monument since 1990
Cultural Artistic Promotion since 2010

The directorate of Vilamajó House Museum requested Fab Lab MVD to make a scale model, sectioned by levels, in order to be displayed on a piece of furniture designed by Architect Julio Vilamajó.

As a first approach to the building, the digital model was made based on the existing documentation for its subsequent realization at 1:50 scale, using digital fabricaction tools, specifically a CNC router.

This project had continuity later in 2014, as part of the exhibition “La Aldea Feliz”, and in 2017, through a series of models manufactured by Fab Lab MVD through laser cutting and 3D printing, as part of the “Masters of National Architecture” Collection.












Photo: Marcelo Payssé